Trail ThemeTrust : Parallax Portfolio WordPress Theme

Trail is a premium WordPress portfolio template with large featured images and bold font style. ThemeTrust has developed it to offer as a unique solution that would meet all demands for modern agencies and designer studios. If you check the frontpage then you will be instantly attracted to the slideshow that uses big parallax images. Same way, you will find image focused display style on portfolio and blog templates too.

Trail WordPress Theme - ThemeTrust

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Trail WordPress Theme Homepage Structure :

Parallax Homepage : Just open the demo and try scrolling down on the page until you reach the bottom. What you will see there is slideshow displayed as vertically scrolling mode. The parallax homepage will impress your visitors by showing large images with slide with text and links as overlay. This type of homepage can easily highlight top portfolio items, and business introduction pages in unique way.

The slideshow settings panel will help you select custom title, text, links and featured images as you like. This way, business agencies can easily create call to action type slides to promote services and projects. You can also assign any post or page to be promoted on slideshow. Each slide is displayed as separate section on homepage which makes it look super stylish.

Parallax Homepage Slideshow - Trail

Left Sidebar : Sidebar is normally limited to promote custom widgets like social links, banners etc. But, Trail theme uses sidebar to display header contents like business logo and custom links. The fixed design makes sidebar visible all the way while scrolling over the page. Hence, user can access navigation links, logo and other stuff highlighted on sidebar.

This type of header and frontpage layout can easily impress homepage visitors. The dedicated header keeps user in contact with navigation system to browser all the main pages located within website.

Sidebar Left - Trail Theme

Trail Portfolio Features : ThemeTrust

Adding portfolio showcase page requires extra plugins and hard-work with traditional WordPress themes. But, Theme Trust provides their own portfolio feature which simplify task of adding portfolio and projects. Site owners will find custom list of page attributes to add portfolio template. The project listing task it managed using custom post type available for portfolio.

Portfolio Page - Trail Theme Trust

The skills section will add all your main categories used to manage all the work. The projects listing post can display images in list view style or you can use slideshow for images. Also, you can add demo video along with project details. The portfolio page uses 2 columns grid layout as it shows all entries with large thumbnails. You will see unique hover effect and project title as you place mouse pointer on any featured entry.

Single Project - Trail

Once enter into full project post then you will see arrows to navigate on next or previous project. Between navigation arrows, you will find square icon which takes you back to the listing page. The filter navigation bar shows portfolio skills links on the top region. So, user can easily hit those links to view “All” or selected work from particular category area.

If you really need content focused and media rich portfolio WordPress theme then Trail should the first choice.

Blog and Other Theme Features :

Blog Template : Like all business and agency WordPress themes, this theme also has blog template for news and promotion. The blog page comes with extra ordinary layout that shows each post in unique and attractive style. The blog shows large featured post entries that easily catch visitor’s attention towards articles. These post entries are displayed in list view style accompanied by big title, excerpt, read more links.

Blog Page - Trail

Responsive : Have you tested Trail demo in mobile yet ?. If not, then please do so by loading demo on mobile or simply resize the browser. The theme will immediately resize portfolio grid, single post and every part. The header will automatically shift to the top from left side and menu will appear as button like mobile apps. The ability to display content on all screen sizes makes it truly responsive theme for WordPress.

Responsive Portfolio Theme - Trail

More Details : The product details page and documentation reveals that it has many advanced theme options. So, replacing logo, colors, fonts, background style, homepage style, blog and portfolio style will become easier. You can choose any logo, widget and menu for header area. The shortcodes list simplify to task of adding slideshows, buttons and paragraphs with any post or pages in site.

This could be the best ever portfolio solution for agencies and freelancers who needs their own website.

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