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Minblr Review Themify : WordPress blogging theme for writers and authors who are willing to start a blog platform that just looks like Tumblr. The premium blog template if fluid responsive so it adjusts to desktop and handy devices with great speed. The Minblr WordPress Theme offers great speed when it is accessed from smart phones, iPhone, iPad and other devices. So reader will be enjoying it’s dynamic responsive layout which is in higher demand. Moreover, it’s overall page loading speed is also great compare to regular blog templates.

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Minblr WordPress Theme Demo Themify Review

In-short, Minblr has all modern blog features along with traditional features so that novice and advanced bloggers can take a great ride for their blog journey. Some best features that adds more power in Minblr WordPress Theme are variety of post formats, home introduction (text) section (top), custom widgets and featured homepage. All these features are dedicated to get more readers, more page-views and extra income from monetization.

Main Features : Minblr WordPress Theme Themify

This responsive blogging theme has same list of features that is provided with all Themify themes, but that’s not all. As it is based on tumblr concept, you will find all core features that is given with tumblr blog. For e.g. post formats, easy blog setup options, SEO friendly design, custom background and many more. We will be looking at all features closely so that you can have better idea. It’s well monetized platform can work with several advertisement programs like Adsense, Affiliate campaigns to earn you more revenue from blog traffic.

Below is the list of key features of this Themify blog template, I hope it will give you more details that might convince you to prove it as a best WordPress blogging theme.

Welcome Text Block : Minblr theme

This might look a common feature to any blogger at first but it can have more impact on your visitors and SEO Result. Having placed an introduction text box at the top of homepage (below header) you will be able to add welcome message, personal introduction or some details about your blog. This way your readers will get more idea about your skills or blog platform.

Header Welcome text Minblr Demo

You can also take SEO benefit from this text block by adding some main keywords in paragraph. So, when search engine crawls your website they will be happy to find some niche related keywords which is enough to prove that your blog is related to particular topic. For e.g. if you are writing about “Traveling” then you can add some related keywords like Best traveling spot, Travel deals, Hotel booking deals to get high ranking for these keywords.

Minblr Blog Post Formats :

This is as we said, a list of WordPress post types that is used to publish different types of contents with WordPress post system. For e.g. you can use these special posts to publish videos, gallery, audio music, quotes and all other types of media and special contents. This is very effective element for modern bloggers which really takes very short time to publish your favorite elements.

Post Formats Minblr Tumblr Blog Theme

Moreover, it uses creative way to indicate post types of featured mode so you will see icon type symbol for each post types. Just take a look at Minblr WordPress Theme demo (home) and you will find bold title and post format icon (left). The excerpt and featured images are used to display short snippet preview of article which saves lots of space on homepage.

Other Features & CONCLUSION :

We have just seen main features of this tumblr blog theme, but that’s not over yet. Themify team has given some very useful widgets to display Latest Tweets, Latest Posts, Recent Comments, Social media and other widgets. All these widgets will look beautiful on sidebar and footer areas. Widgets are also used to display custom links, categories and advertisement banners. It is upto you how you want to utilize custom widgets and page templates and with right skill to use these elements you can surely get good benefits.

To conclude this review on Minblr WordPress Theme I would say that it is a right WordPress blog theme for any one who is in search of a best responsive blog template for their multimedia elements. Whether you are a blogger with coding experience or a novice author with little WordPress knowledge, this theme is made for all of you.

Minblr WordPress Theme Themify responsive theme

Minblr WordPress Theme Themify

  • WordPress backward support : for lower WP versions (3.1 and less)
  • Smart responsive layouts : great for mobile and tablet users
  • 10 color skins set : choose any
  • 4 widget columns : Footer
  • 10 WP Post formats : including standard, aside, image, video, notes and others
  • Header and Footer menu options
  • Home welcome message : Custom text box
  • Threaded style comments mode : Let user talk like forum
  • Multiple widget sections on footer
  • Sidebar widget sections
  • Search Engine Friendly coding
  • Best navigation system : for visitors

Price : $49

Demo & Info Page : Minblr Theme – Themify