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Meet FocusBlog by Thrive Themes : A multi-purpose WordPress theme which is suitable for different kind of websites. The theme comes with multiple design options that make it compatible for blogging needs too. If you are looking forward to create a simple and lead focused blog or business portal then here is right choice. From what we know about Thrive Themes, they always strive to publish conversation focused WordPress templates.

This is best example of lead oriented site having landing page, blog page and custom homepage options. You can take any route to develop a content marketing or business oriented site.

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FocusBlog Thrive Themes Demo - Business Blog WordPress Theme

FocusBlog WordPress Theme : Homepage Features

The theme name suggests that it is a conversation focused blogging theme. That’s why demo shows a business type homepage that includes parallax featured section, service blurbs and and blog section with featured posts. The bottom part parallax section shows client’s list and a call to action section along with social links. So homepage visitors can easily get idea about your business form, services types, past client’s name and much more.

If you are a small agency or a service provider business then you can edit demo homepage layout to quickly start your own site. The alternate homepage demo shows a blog type homepage which shows a newsletter opt-in section on the top of the page. This section is provided to catch maximum email subscribers from homepage area. The rest of the home content region shows two sections with multiple columns.

Homepage Layouts - FocusBlog Theme

So readers can find 4 posts in each section : Recent posts and popular posts. The header provides a custom menu region to help you insert Blog, Home, Services, Contact, Landing page and other custom links. The homepage shows full-width layout to put all concentration directly on homepage.

Header Navigation : If you have checked Thrive Themes FocusBlog demo then you should have noticed floating header. The header section shows logo and wide navigation panel to display custom links and brand logo image. Though you can also add custom text if you don’t have logo image. The menu customizer helps you to add top and drop-down links for better browsing experience.

Floating header design is always visible when you start scrolling up side on the page. So user don’t have to reach on the top most area in order to browse menu bar links.

FocusBlog Theme Options

Blog and Other Features : Thrive Themes

Blog Post Formats : The theme name clearly suggests that it was made for bloggers in mind. But FocusBlog theme covers blogging as well as business needs. Don’t take it’s simple look lightly, as it also includes many advanced options for content marketers. The blog post formats list includes Audio, Video, Image, Gallery and Quotes. So you will be having great fun to share media optimized articles.

Affiliate marketers and business agencies would require to add demo videos, and product photo gallery for marketing. Entertainment bloggers also need to share audio files and videos to improve user engagement. The blog section covers every blogging need that a bloggers would expect from advanced blogging theme. The blog page shows all new post entries with unique featured style with excerpt.

Blog Posts - FocusBlog Thrive Themes

So, visitors will easily recognize every post type by just viewing at featured image style. The gallery post shows carousel navigation arrows, and quote post uses unique font style. The audio post type adds media player to stream music tracks on the website. Videos post can stream videos from YouTube or any video hosting site or self-hosted server also.

Single Blog Post : The blog post section shows related posts, and author information below every article. So readers can check-out other posts or read information about writer. Blog page has custom sidebar which is visible on all articles. This is idea place to display newsletter box, social links, recent post, banners, categories or whatever you like.

FocusBlog : Landing Page and Focus Areas

As I said that FocusBlog WordPress theme was released with big marketers and bloggers in mind. So we just can’t expect this theme to bring basic blog features. It has a collection of built-in landing templates. So website owners can check out demo of all and pick any one for product or affiliate marketing. The landing page list includes Sales page, Video lead generation page and many more.

Sales Landing Pge - FocusBlog Marketing Theme

The second part is “Focus Area” which offers multiple locations to display calls to action and banners. Hence, you can add focus sections on homepage, above posts, below posts and other designated areas as specified in theme documentation. The focus area can bring many leads and ad revenue if you use it in right way. Thrive Page Builder comes with many drag and drop elements, which helps you to edit homepage or any page as required.

Shortcodes are also provided to build content boxes, buttons, toggles, testimonials and other elements. If you use shortcdoes, page builder and widgets in right way, then you never have to buy another template for any website need. These elements can develop unique version for multiple website using same template.

FocusBlog Shortcodes and Focus Areas

You don’t have to use only built-in templates compulsorily. Instead, you can develop engaging pages from the scratch using page builder, and boost marketing efforts. In my opinion, built-in templates and layouts are good enough for most of the blogging and business requirements. Options panel is provided with options to manage performance, blog, style, layouts, social media, related posts and other settings.

I name this WordPress theme as complete marketing and business solution for all modern websites need.

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