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Meet Bluchic Landing Page Templates powered by multi-purpose layouts and customization options. If you are a business owner or a marketer who often need to promote products or services then it is right for you. This Landing page WordPress theme meets all your requirements to create sign-up page, product features listing page and more.

Landing Page Templates - Bluchic Feminine Marketing Theme

In this theme package, You are getting ready list of landing page collection. So you can easily create create product launch pages with featured images, videos,. and email signup sections. Let’s check out why Bluchic is best place to buy landing page templates for business marketing.

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7 Different Landing Page Templates :

These pre-defined unique templates will be helpful to meet all marketing goals. You will not need to put that much efforts to create stunning and bold landing page website that is required by most of the traditional templates. If you don’ know coding or CSS styling then you are still eligible to use Bluchic landing page theme. Because, every content that you see within ready templates is customizable with visual page builder.

The seven templates list consist of tripwire offer page, sales page, lead magnet opt-in page, thank you page, live webinar page, offer expired page, and webinar registration page. So you are almost covered to create any marketing campaign with modern landing page platform. You just have to replace demo contents with real photos, texts, and sales copy.

Responsive Landing Page Templates - BluChic

Fully Responsive : Every website should work on mobiles and different screen types to target maximum visitors. And you can’t miss those valuable organic visitors who comes from google and other search engines. Bluchic store always release responsive WordPress themes to work for all internet devices. So any landing page website made from Bluchic templates should work everywhere with smallest screen size too.

Customization : Bluchic Landing Page Templates

How Setup Works : You must know that these templates work for all existing themes. So you can keep your current WordPress theme and use these feminine landing page templates with them. It is not necessary to use Bluchic as your current WordPress theme, because this theme package works with all themes. The setup process requires you to upload and install desired templates on WordPress server.

Once finish with that, you must installed suggested free plugins. Elementor and Evergreen Countdown Timer are two plugins that you need to install before customization. If you open one of the Bluchic landing page templates then you will see count-down timer clock. This clock is integrated by Countdown Timer plugin. The “Elementor” plugin helps you to customize landing pages in visual mode.

Page Builder and Evergreen Countdown Plugin

The page builder let’s you move content sections in any order and add more contents as required. You can edit font style, color style, background, and everything that is found within template. The page builder plugin offers custom content blocks so you can add video section, featured images, slider, paragraphs, buttons, custom HTML code and more.

The HTML text box helps you to insert email sign-up section by adding code given by your email service provider. You can use MailChimp, or any other free or premium email newsletter management service. The page builder takes very little time to select colors, add contents and move sections in different orders. This is how a novice user can also afford to create landing page website on his own.

Elementor Page Builder - Landing Pages Customization

Help and Tutorials : Bluchic Landing Page Template

When you buy this WordPress landing page theme package then it delivers everything in one package. So you will not only find files to upload landing page only but also find helpful resources. The PDF guides comes with step by step instructions and check list to setup each landing page. It also explains how to use different tools with all landing pages.

Apart from that, video tutorials will take you through setup process. So you can gain confident to create custom landing pages without extra help. Updates and support are free given for lifetime so you will be getting more and more features with each update release. There comes a time when you need patches for bug fixes or new features to meet current trend, and updates with help you with that.

Webinar and Sales Page Demo - Bluchic Landing Page Themes

Bluchic provides unlimited license for these Landing Page Templates. That means, you can install these templates on multiple sites with just one time fess. So there will be great opportunities to create different landing page website versions using same templates. If you are into marketing who often need to create product promotion page or web developer who need to create landing page site for different clients, then you must use Bluchic themes.

Opt-In Page - Landing Page Templates

This landing page WordPress theme package will save lots of time taken for customization and setup. And you will not be dependent on programmers or web designers which takes lots of money. Just be your own boss and launch your product landing page site within minutes. Be sure to check out product page which provides many other details and links to access demo for all templates included in this theme package.

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