CSSIgniter Public Opinion : Responsive Magazine News WP Theme

Public Opinion is the most powerful magazine and journal WordPress theme by CSSIgniter. The theme comes with many layout options so you can easily turn your website into news, blog or magazine platform. This theme can be best replacement solution for traditional news site or those people who wants to create new website. The unique features list includes Post listing layouts, News Ticker support, Blog post layouts, and more.

Public Opinion - Magazine WordPress Theme by CSSIgniter

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Frontpage Elements : Public Opinion WP Theme

The homepage template attributes will help administrators to setup custom homepage with selected contents. Alternatively you can also use Elementor page builder plugin. CSSIgniter has also offered custom category modules so you can setup unique featured category blocks for homepage. Most of the people would prefer to use widgetized (default) homepage layout which provides freedom to create unique content friendly design.

Public Opinion homepage template has options for “Featured Section” that appears on the top of the page. Hence, it will show latest featured posts from one or all categories on the top area. Rest of the homepage area is covered by custom widgets space where you can insert banners and category sections. CSSIgniter has developed their own category and featured post listing widgets.

Category Featured Posts Widget - Public Opinion Elementor Ready

These widgets are powered by ample layout styles so you can choose to display 3,4,5 and more posts for each category block. The “Category Featured Posts” widget will show you options to choose category, type of posts (Featured or Latest), Layout style and number of posts to show in single category block. If you select “Featured Posts” widget then it shows hero section of featured posts for one category. This widget layout allows you to use slider and other display options.

The widgets will also provide many color styling options so authors can choose unique colors for each category. The category blocks will show bold title and “View More Articles” link that draws user to the full category page. The homepage also has custom sidebar where you can promote categories, banners, latest posts, and other stuff.

Category Featured Post Layout Options - Public Opinion

Header and Customization Features : Magazine Theme

Header Elements : The header has top bar that promotes your custom texts (phone, email or any HTML text) and links. The top menu section is additional navigation bar ideal to promote pages or other links. The right side top bar area has optional features to display search box and social media links. The middle section is for custom logo and tag-line message like brand slogan or any special message.

The right of header space is best space to insert advertisement banner or any type of Ad slot. The Main (Primary) menu appears on the bottom of header with optional floating layout. This is good place to add main category links in top and drop-down levels.

Header and News Ticker Options - Public Opinion

News Ticker : This feature looks unique when you display a news flash bar below header area. Most of the big news portals use headline ticker to display breaking news or top news stories. The news ticker has options box where you will be asked to select custom title, category and number of posts. Once you configure all the news ticker settings then it will keep highlighting news headlines.

Customizer Options : Public Opinion WordPress theme is a complete novice friendly solution. The visual options panel and easily setup never deamnds for programmer or any coding skills. Whether you are a web developer or just a simple blogger, all user types can manage magazine portal with visual options. The theme options page will show you settings for header, front-page, blog, colors, footer, and all areas.

Customizer Options - Public Opinion

Blog and Other Settings : CSSIgniter

The blog page comes with standard layout and archive pages are supported by additional masonry effect with 2/3 columns grid. If you check single page demo then you will see author box, related articles, social sharing buttons, Next / Previous post entries etc.

Besides standard post type, you can also select Video post format, especially when you want to share video from any famous platform. The video post will show embed box to insert video code which will show your video in proper way. The post editor screen shows a box with 2 tabs on the bottom side. This section has one tab with for “Source” where you will find fields to add Link, Title and source detail for contents.

Single Blog Post Layout - Public Opinion

The second is “Reviews” tab where you can add product features and ratings which is good for marketing and product reviews. With lots of advertisement space, custom widgets and responsive layout, Public Opinion theme can be good solution for any type of news or magazine sites. Other best features includes Weather Module, Boxed layout, Multi-page articles support etc.

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