RichWP Pop Up Shop : WordPress eCommerce Theme

Introducing Pop Up Shop : An eCommerce WordPress theme by RichWP. This is a minimal styled theme powered by WooCommerce. Therefore, you can easily start a multi or single category shop to sell any type of goods. The theme works for tangible and in-tangible goods so you can start selling software, ebooks, cloths, toys or anything. If you have limited budget and still want to start a professional looking online shop then here is final solution.

Rich Grid Theme Review : RichWP

Pop Up Shop Review - RichWP - eCommerce Theme for WordPress

Once you setup WooCommerce plugin then you will automatically get access to all features that is required for e-commerce website. Apart from that, you are getting a detailed guide which shows how to setup shop, blog and custom pages. Thanks to RichWP for offering brief documentation which makes it easier to start e-commerce website.

Pop Up Shop Theme RichWP : Best Features

WooCommerce Shop Page : Once you are done installing WordPress theme then you have to setup WooCommerce plugin. This is a free plugin for eCommerce needs so you don’t need to pay anything. This is definitely a free plugin but it still a most popular tool to start online shop on WordPress CMS. After you install WooCommerce plugin, then you will automatically get option to add Shop page, Cart page and custom widgets to display products.

This theme offers ajax cart so user can add items into cart without leaving or refreshing entire page. The cart page automatically gets updated when you click buy button. When you visit cart page then it will show yo all products with price and total amount. You can delete any item from cart page with remove button before you go on check-out page for final payment.

Shop Page with Menu - Pop Up Shop

Shop Product Page : The shop page shows all items using custom grid layout. So you can just pick multiple columns grid to highlight all products. The theme allows you to add categories for all products. Hence, visitors can easily browse items based on category sections. The shop page let’s you display list of all categories with custom shop menu. So this is the place where shoppers can browse categories for desired products.

Single product Post : Pop Up Shop WordPress Theme offers interactive options for product listings. Therefore, you can highlight products with photo gallery, ratings, customer’s reviews and price. The bottom of the page product page shows shows 2 tabs that includes Description and reviews. When you finish product details then yo will see related items on the bottom area.

Product Single Post - Pop Up Shop Theme

This way, user can easily view product information and add them into cart. If they don’t like product then they can find other interesting products from related product list. This way, you can always enable visitors to browse more products until they find best item.

Other Features : Pop Up Shop eCommerce Theme

Custom Header and Hero Images : The front-page area starts with a unique header which shows logo, menu and social links. The logo image can be configured through back-end logo uploader. Whatever is visible on navigation bar is inserted using custom menu options. So you just have to use drag and drop menu options to add custom links for Blog, Shop, Homepage, Categories and other links.

Header - Pop Up Shop

The header section offers social menu links options. So this is good place to add links for twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social platforms. The floating header gives you all time visibility. So you can view header menus and all elements even when you are scrolling.

Blog Page : The main purpose of Pop Up Shop Theme was to help people start online store to sell any type of goods. But that’s just one point, you are also getting unique blog template to start news section. Any store or business website would need a blog to share their updates and news. The theme will ask you to setup static front-page by selecting shop as front page. And you can add blog page and configure it to display latest posts.

Blog - Pop Up Shop

RichWP offers hero section on the top of the page to display large featured image (full-width). You can also activate this feature for single post and any page on the website. This is optional feature and you can use it to draw user’s attention using interactive photos.

Even if you don’t need store then you can turn this theme into blog website by setting blog page as main homepage. RichWP offers WordPress customizer and options panel for total control. So you just have to use ready options to change fonts, colors, page layouts, header and everything.

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