RichWP Video World : Video Blogging WordPress Theme

Meet Video World : Another best WordPress Video Theme by RichWP that works for bloggers of all types. Whether you want to share self hosted videos or embed it from other platforms, you can use it in any mode. If you are starting website to share videos for sports, games or entertainment then you will love easy embedding process. You just have to grab source link to make your videos embed with posts from Metacafe, YouTube, Vimeo and other sites.

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Video World WP Theme - Video WordPress Theme by RichWP

Apart from video posts, you can also use it to post simple articles with text and images. This is a complete video blogging theme package that works for WordPress CMS. The theme already has built-in features so you don’t need plugins to insert banners, videos and social links.

Why RichWP Video World Theme ?

This WordPress theme has been crafted with modern users in main focus. So you are not going to get a general list view type layout. Instead you are getting a multiple grid layout to display many videos on homepage, category and archive pages. This theme is not dependent on any page builder, shortcodes or 3rd party plugins. So you can be sure to maintain your website without any dependency.

The light weight and crisp design makes this theme work smoothly with media contents. So you can have good browsing speed while browsing from mobiles, tablet and desktop devices. Video World Theme offers dark color skin which is good choice to keep viewers focused on streaming videos. But that’s not compulsory, so you can also switch to white, grey or any other color skins.

Header - Video World RichWP

If we just go around customization panel then you are getting many options in one place. The WordPress customizer will show you all theme options at one place and preview window on right side. So administrator can try and test different color style, layouts, font styles and view live preview of chances. The header section gives you space to display many elements like : Logo, Ad banner (right), Custom menu, and Social links.

Hence, any one who visits your site can easily navigate around your site while accesing social profile links also.

Video World Homepage Features :

The homepage provides you multiple sections that includes “Featured Video Sections” and “Recent Posts Area”. The top of the page shows a featured section where user can see all best videos selected by administrator. Then yo will find a wide banner space between two home sections, so this is good place to get more clicks for adsense or affiliate ads.

Featured Section - Video World Homepage

The 2nd homepage block highlights latest videos using 5 columns full-width grid. So visitors can see all newly published videos and browse more using numbered pagination bar. RichWP Video World Theme has two filter bars on the top of the latest videos block. So visitors can view videos from any selected tags or categories. This filter bar is very helpful to help visitors find best videos from their favourite topics.

The last bottom part if footer area where you are going to get 4 widget columns ideal to display any widget. Mostly bloggers use footer to display custom links, contacts, banners, and search box. The footer also has wide banner section to add more earning in your revenue stream. Whether it is header, footer, sidebar or homepage, you are going to get banner space everywhere.

Video World Latest Post Filter Options

That means, any one who wants to earn high revenue profit from marketing or adsense can go for Video World WordPress theme. It needs no plugins to insert banners into single post, header or any other areas. Just insert Ad code from back-end and activate desired Ad banner sections with single click. Whether you are looking to increase your adsense revenue or affiliate earning, it works for all.

Other Features : RichWP Video Blog Theme

If you look over single post then it shows more than just contents. The top and bottom sections are integrated with custom banner spots. And this is best place for advertisement as all visitors would finally come on your articles. Moreover, you are getting author biography box to display photo, detail and custom links about author.

Single Post Features - Video World Theme

You will see social sharing link buttons right below the post. So this is good way to spread your video and blog posts around big platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. All single articles will display comments, another banner and list of related videos with large featured thumbnails.

Before we conclude with Video World theme, you should know that it has floating header and sidebar. That means, it keeps both of these sections visible all the time while visitors are scrolling on the website. This is a WordPress video template that also works with WooCommerce plugin. Hence, you are one step away from starting your own store with this blogging theme.

Floating Header Sidebar - Video World Blog Theme

The package gives you collection of best widgets, page templates, built-in options, documentation guides, support, updates and what not. Every thing is offered in return of just one time small fees. And then it’s all yours, you can start one or many blogs with same theme.

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