Rich Grid WordPress Blogging Theme : RichWP

The Rich Grid is a premium WP blogging theme powered by RichWP. This is a totally revised version of “original WordPress grid theme” from 2010. This is a cool and stylish WordPress theme that provided grid type homepage layout. So now, you will have plenty of space on homepage area to display all your new posts.

The theme puts all focus on presentation and browsing speed. So what you are getting is a complete WordPress blogging theme package that offers performance and SEO benefits.

Rich Modern Theme Review – RichWP

Rich Grid WordPress Blogging Theme : RichWP

Rich Grid Theme RichWP : Unique Features

Clean and Crisp Design : If you compare this theme with traditional simple blog templates then you will find major changes. It uses plain background style to offer minimal strucutre that loads at great speed. At the same time, you will see fast loading speed even when you have many images into articles. This is because of advanced coding style and minimal design concept.

Clear Clean Video World Theme – RichWP

The theme uses custom options for typography and color style. So you don’t have to use same styling as offered in demo preview. Bloggers can easily switch to any color style and also change fonts for body, heading and other elements. The color picker allows you to select background color, accent color, heading color and more. So you are going to get total control on how everything will look.

Customizer Options : Rich Grid WordPress Theme is configured with brief options panel. So this is going to be another bonus especially for novice users who have no coding background. Just load customizer panel and you will see list of A to Z options for front-page, navigation, widgets, colors, header, footer and every place.


Widget Areas : The front-page top region is integrated with optional widget block. This is the place where you cam display announcements, calls to action text or just a hero image. Similarly, you can also choose to display hero image with single post. If you want to display big featured images on the top of the articles then you should enable “Hero Section” for single post.

RichWP Rich Grid : Other Features

This is a versatile theme which enables you to start a blog, news or any type of content based platform. You can easily add multiple categories and page templates. Hence, visitors can easily browse articles for particular category using category archive links displayed on menu bar. The sidebar also provides you space to display custom widgets. So this is good place to display recent posts, banners, category lists and social links.

The sidebar widget area is optional, so it only becomes visible when you add at-least one widget. If you don’t enable it then all contents will be aligned in center position.

Bottom Post Features : This is the place that you see instantly when you finish reading single post. The bottom area of article shows author box, tags list, custom widget and comments. The widget area is good for promotional banners, newsletter or any content widget. There is one more widget section below comments box to display extra widget contents.


Rich Grid WordPress Theme has built-in options to highlight “Related Posts” at the bottom area for all articles. So this is good way to suggest more articles to your readers and boost page views directly.

Floating Design : The header and sidebar both are made of fixed layout so they are always visible. Hence, visitors will always see header on the top area even when they keep scrolling down. Same way, sidebar widgets also remain visible when you scroll down on the long pages. The floating mode is key factor which makes them always visible. This feature improves navigation system and browsing experience.


The footer section also has many widget blocks that is ideal to add more widgets. If you plan to start online shop then you just need to install “WooCommerce” widget. And soon you will have online store without spending extra money. Rich Grid theme loads previous posts using ajax pagination mode. So user can easily browse many articles on homepage area without reloading entire page.

This WordPress blog theme is optimized for visibility, performance, and all other sides. So it is good solution for every one who is planning to develop mobile friendly responsive website.

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