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Introducing Rich Modern : A fine WordPress theme for bloggers who wants to share designs and knowledge. This theme provides you large featured area to display all your stories with contents based layout. Whether it is homepage, or single page page, you will get full-width layout for all areas. The theme is released as a bold and stylish template. So you will have total control on post view, header layout, logo, navigation menu, pagination etc.

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Rich Modern RichWP Review - WordPress Blogging Theme

We liked this WordPress blogging theme for it’s unique and content focused design. Thanks to RichWP WordPress theme offers best coding, and elegant design so content is always main focus for readers. It will surely give you benefit for SEO and high speed performance. As a result, you will get increased page-views compare to simple blog / sites.

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Main Features : Rich Modern Theme – RichWP

The theme is definitely released with bloggers, content marketers and creative individuals in mind. So it is going to work for artists, interior designers and every one who wants to share creativity through graphics or texts. You can also utilize same theme for content marketing and adsense blogging. I would suggest this theme to every one who needs a super bold and content powered website.


Let’s check-out some core features which makes it a unique blog template than average WordPress themes.

Header Layout : This is very appealing and top part of Rich Modern WordPress theme. It offers large space to present your brand logo image to create an identity in visitor’s mind. The skewed header border and custom background color makes it look more stylish. You can change logo image, color skins, or use text logo for this area.


The bottom of header shows a navigation bar that is supported by WordPress 3.0 menu system. So this is a best place to display links for homepage, main categories or other page templates. The multilevel drop-down menu makes wide opportunity to insert more links into navigation system. Hence, visitors can easily access all best pages and categories.

The menu easily transforms into an accordion style (button) menu. So user can still access all links in a button type drop-down list. So you don’t have to worry when user comes from small screen devices like smart phones or tablets.

Customizer Panel : Rich Modern options panel is vital part for any WordPress theme. Therefore, you are getting a very user friendly live customizer panel within back-end area. Once you load customizer then it shows options for colors, background, fonts, navigation and everything. This is the place from where you can manage widgets, ad-banners, layouts and styling options.


It shows instantly live preview for all changes so you don’t have to save them to see changes. Finally you can either click save button if you are satisfied or reject changes by clicking close button.

Other Options : RichWP Blog Theme

Ad-Banner Spots : As I said that, Rich Modern WordPress theme doesn’t use sidebar to keep entire focus on contents only. But you are still getting widget space to display important stuff. If you check-out demo then it shows a widget on the top of homepage. This is idea place for advertisement banner or newsletter form. Same way, you can implement multiple banners or other elements into single post.


The bottom of the single post shows multiple widget blocks and author information box. Apart from that, it automatically shows related blog posts with big featured images. So this is best place to navigate readers onto other posts and get more page views.

Ajax Loading : The pagination system is revised with new ajax auto loading technique. So there is no need to click numbered pagination buttons to access posts from old pages. You just need to scroll down with mouse in order to keep loading more posts without refreshing the page. This concept will add more page-views and it will take less time for visitors to find best articles.


Because of auto loading pagination, user won’t be able to see footer area from homepage until they reach end. That’s why, Rich Modern theme has moved copyright text and footer menu on the right side of the screen. So visitors can always see them on the right of the screen because of floating mode. Apart from homepage, you can see 4 footer widget blocks from other pages.


The left side of the screen shows a floating social link bar with unique icons. So you just have to add social profile links from back-end. This way, visitors can see your social links from anywhere on the website. Before conclusion, you should know that it is coded to work with “WooCommerce”. A best and free eCommerce plugin for online shop.

So any-time you happen to need to sell online goods or services, then you don’t have to buy or change current theme. Just install one plugin and you can start online shop in just very little time.

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