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Meet VideoStar : A premium responsive video theme for bloggers and marketers by RichWP. This video WordPress theme has been rated as the best solution for any one who needs video site. Whether you want to create video tutorial site, entertainment site, or video marketing blog it is for all.

VideoStar Demo - RichWP Responsive Video Theme for WordPress

Apart from that, you can also use it as a regular blog platform to share text and images, with standard post layout. The theme includes options for video embedding and other features. So you should need little time to setup your own entertainment platform.

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Feature Review – VideoStar RichWP Video Theme

Post Videos Easily : Most of the regular blog WordPress themes would need plugin for video embedding. But this theme is not going to ask you to use unreliable 3rd party plugins for video integration. Therefore, developers has offered built-in support to help you add embedded videos from Youtube or any video sites. Apart from that, it also enables you to share self-hosted clips. Sharing videos, images and contents is very easy with this theme.

So it is great place for people who wants to share reviews for products. Or you can start a funny video blog and earn revenue by displaying adsense ads. There are many possibilities to earn good profit with this theme. Thanks VideoStar WordPress theme for providing modern features so that novice users can also start video site.

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Front-Page : Most of the developers provide generic homepage layout with Video themes. As a result, you can only display a few latest video posts in list view mode on homepage area. But, RichWP has provided a 5 columns grid layout for homepage. So user will see plenty of featured video posts directly on homepage. Hence, you can have higher chance to get more page-views for your blot posts.

VideoStar - Pagination and Footer Widgets

Them homepage shows 5 featured grid columns and multiple rows. The number of columns will decrease automatically while viewed from small screen devices. You can will find custom Ad slot within home area to display banners and if you don’t use them then it will display featured posts. The numbered pagination gives you chance to browse previous archive pages, as you reach on the bottom.

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Header Section : Never create poor header, especially navigation if you want to impress visitors and search engines. Because this is the only place which connects visitors to entire website. Therefore, VideoStar comes with a creative header where you can insert logo on the top left and (728×90) banner widget on the top right. It could be great way to display logo and promotional banner for entire site.

The bottom header has wide space for custom menu bar. Just add links for homepage, category, contact, about and important sections. So visitors can reach over any page easily. It takes little time to develop custom menu from menus management page.

VideoStar - Header Ad Banners

Ad and Widget Areas : Both of these entities are relevant to each other. Whether you go on header, footer or sidebar, yo will see ample space for widgets. So these sections are nice place to display ad banners and earn good revenue. Though, you are not only limited to use widget areas for banners only. But you can also display social links, recent posts, custom text, custom links and more.

The footer has 4 widget blocks so you can use this pace to display intro section,links and more. Thanks to RichWP for developing such a highly adsense friendly and monetized video blogging theme. All ad slots are selected after thorough research, so you are likely to get more clicks for banners. The Ad slots size includes : 300×250 (medium), 250×250 (small), 728×90 (wide).

Final Words :

VideoStar knows that you need your visitors to say longer on the website. Therefore, it shows “Related Posts” below all articles. Hence, user will be asked to browse other relevant videos as they finish watching current one. If you browse on the page then you will see menu following you while scrolling. This is floating navigation which always follows on scrolling.

VideoStar - Single Post

The responsive design keeps it on the top of edge so visitors can always enjoy viewing videos from smart phone and tablets. You just pick and browser and device, it will fit anywhere. There are very WordPress theme shops in market where yo can buy SEO friendly, modern and easy to use templates. Before we conclude, you must know that RichWP provides customizer support. So you need no coder support to edit colors, page layouts, fonts or insert banners into website.

Just grab this video WP theme to start a modern video browsing platform.

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