Rich Magazine – RichWP WordPress News Blogging Theme

Meet Rich Magazine – A Best journal WordPress theme for news, blogging and magazine sites by RichWP. This WordPress theme provides dynamic page layouts and customization options so you can setup niche focused website. The search engine optimized layout and fast loading pages can increase website traffic.

Rich Magazine RichWP - WordPress News Blog Theme

The main features include custom widgets, monetization feature, and page layout options. Whether you need health blog, sports news site or multi-niche magazine website, this is what you need as ultimate solution.

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Rich Magazine WordPress Theme – RichWP :

Homepage : There is no specific restriction on how you can design homepage. The demo proves that site owners can design news, blog or magazine style homepage. You can combine all features on homepage or just choose blog style or news type layout. The homepage options provide visual controls so you can manage to display fresh articles from various topics. Let’s check each homepage feature with their benefits.

Homepage Layout - Rich Magazine

Sticky Post : This section shows total 3 featured post entries selected by author. WordPress sticky post feature is used to assign content for this content block. It is visible on the top of the homepage so user always notice it first. Blog and category sections only show recent posts, but this section always highlights selected posts for long time.

Rich Magazine provides dynamic homepage to promote latest offers, products and top news stories like big news portals.

Sticky Post Section - Rich Magazine

Featured Category : Homepage has special widget area to display custom posts from selected categories. You can choose categories for all home featured category sections and it shows 3 latest posts all the time. That means, visitors are able to see fresh contents all the time when they visit homepage.

Featured Category Widget - Rich Magazine

RichWP – Best News WordPress Theme :

Theme Options : Bloggers never work with coding process or web design. The customizer provides straight way to customize entire website including colors, font style, background and every element. If you really want to save valuable time required in customization and setup process then here is final solution.

The live preview shows all changes in real time so administrators can view effects of changes. It doesn’t need special coding skills or big budget to start a professional magazine site. RichWP provides top quality WordPress themes that delivers best SEO results and browsing speed.

Customizer - Rich Magazine Theme Options

Sharing : Rich Magazine is a best news blogging theme powered by social sharing features. Jetpack plugin is required to display sharing options on each article. This feature can boost overall page-views and website visitors when it is spread across social media sites.

Single Blog Post - RichWP

Single Post : The articles show custom header image and big title to impress readers. Apart from that, authors can display biography section, taxonomies, and related featured posts. Comments option provide discussion opportunity to share views with authors and other readers. The featured post entries can show page-views and attractive thumbnails on archive pages.

Rich Magazine RichWP – Blogging Theme :

Mobile Responsive : Readers can browse news stories from any device from laptop to smart phones. The theme can automatically resize and load contents on destination device. It can resize blog articles, navigation menu, and contents itself. Apart from that, user can easily navigate and browse pages with the same speed like laptop.

Responsive WordPress Theme - Rich Magazine

Header : The floating header creates flexible environment to browse categories and important pages. The header shows custom logo, social navigation menu, shopping cart icon, with search link. Hence visitors can access important links, social channels and search box to find contents on website.

Header - Rich Magazine News Theme

Widget Areas : This feature covers advertisement areas that is displayed between homepage sections. The Ad widget sections can display adsense banners, calls to action, offers and other stuff within homepage. The footer provides 4 columns layout to display custom links, categories, contacts and other details.

I would live to finish this talk with just one line that any one who is planning to start magazine site or adsense blog can go with RichWP themes.

Footer Widgets - Rich Magazine Theme

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