Capri Pro Demo ThemeIsle – Minimalist eCommerce Store Theme

Capri Pro is a light fast loading premium eCommerce Store WordPress Theme by ThemeIsle. First of all let me tell you that you need to setup WooCommerce to start online shop. The theme has all blogging features as well as full support for eCommerce options. If you don’t have any idea about how to begin with your new product store then demo will give you idea on homepage design process.

Capri Pro ThemeIsle - eCommerce Store Theme

We had a look at the demo for blog, shop, frontpage and category page sections. What we noticed was the best speed despite having lots of contents on pages. This design concept is truly professional that works for fashion, technology and all type of online shops.

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Capri Pro WordPress Theme Overview :

WooCommerce : Once you have installed theme and this eCommerce plugin then it shouldn’t take long time to launch online shop. The full eCommerce feature support provides option to add products and create shop product listing page. Online sellers are getting custom product listing post so that it becomes easier to add products. You can define custom category that is used as product filter or displayed under archive hierarchy.

Capri Pro Shop Page

Visitors are able to check latest products on homepage, shop page, and under category sections. Shop page will have it’s own sidebar to display list of store categories, price filter, banners, latest products and more. We will show you how you can take benefit of advanced eCommerce features to boost engagement rate and store sales.

Single Post : Check any single product Capri Pro demo to see effectiveness of product listing feature. When you open listing page then it shows ready fields to enter product detail like price, SKU, title, features, and more. Sellers can attach one or multiple images that shows products from different corners. Single product will show full detail and reviews so to help new buyers take better decision.

Capri Pro Single Product Post

The related posts list promotes sales by suggesting other products below every article. It has been noticed that having related items visible with every post would surely affect sales. Most of the people leave web store when they don’t like product on the screen. But, having other related items might change shopper’s mind and involve them to see other items until desired product is found.

Responsive : Just check the demo from any corner and see how it responds on various internet devices. You can resize current browser window or use smart phone device for live responsive test. The header navigation panel, shop grid, single post and home sections are easily resized for destination view port. Mobile optimized WordPress themes can boost sales by getting better SEO ranking. People would enjoy browsing, and filtering shop products from all handy devices.

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ThemeIsle – Best eCommerce Shop Theme Features :

Blog Template : ThemeIsle Capri Pro has developed a separate blog section that works closely with Jetpack. You can promote news stories about store products, offers and latest arrivals using blog section. The blog can posts can promote social sharing options so that visitors can spread useful articles with their friends. The sharing feature is supported by Jetpack plugin. Next and Previous post entries are also found on single blog post.

Capri Pro Blog Options

If you check out blog listing page then it has wide and large featured space to display excerpt post entries. The sidebar provides widget support to share category lists, archives and other stuff. Blog is general section but still it is used as effective content promotion tool. Search engines always notice and index blog posts to deliver organic visitors on website. If you know what you promote with blog feature the it can get tremendous results.

Header Layouts : The only way to get impress your visitors is to promote business logo and important links. We have always noticed all websites promoting company or business logo, menu links, search icons, and social links. That’s normal, but this WordPress theme uses transparent background style. Hence, user can see header elements in clear style so that header is not blocking visibility of content sitting behind background.

Capri Pro Header

Live Customizer : We have always seen people struggling to manage web store especially when they don’t have programming skills. It’s not ideal to hire programmer for all customization tasks as it would need big budget and creates dependency. The presence of WordPress customizer takes account for all customization related tasks with visual controls.

Site administrator can change color style, heading/body fonts, header style, shop settings and home sections easily. Easy website setup saves time required for setup and website maintenance.

Capri Pro Customizer

Capri Pro Frontpage Sections – Store Theme :

Big Title Section : The top area is occupied by a large title section ideal to promote business introduction or call to action. This section mainly uses custom background image to get attention from visitors. It also permits you to use custom text, and button link with custom label. Alternatively, e-commerce stores can also display a slider or other contents using shortcode by replacing title block.

Capri Pro Big Title Section

Featured Products Section : Online product stores always need a section to promote latest items from some top categories. This section will give you opportunity to choose custom category so that visitors can see new product updates from that area. Section can have custom title that depicts what is shown in product featured section. You can also add WooCommerce short-code to display any other items in to replace default featured category listings.

Capri Pro Featured products section

Categories Section : This content block is designated to promote 3 selected categories. You have to make sure to apply featured thumbnails to promote them on frontpage. You can edit categories to add thumbnails from products listing section. The category editor provides options to edit title, slug, description and thumbnail. Most of the authority e-commerce stores promote certain categories on homepage to boost product page views and sales rate. For e.g. you can promote new arrivals, trending items and popular items.

Capri Pro ThemeIsle - Categories Section

Special Offers : If visitors can watch latest offers on homepage then it can surely increase sales rate. When you promote big festival or season offers directly on frontpage then visitors can see it directly. This section has same features just like featured products block which also has shortcode box.

About Section : This WordPress theme gives you a section where you can introduce detail about company goal or store purpose. The editor provides direct editor to add content for about section or you can also use WordPress editor to add links, texts and custom headings. I would suggest this WordPress theme for all types of eCommerce websites need.

Capri Pro About Section

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