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ShopIsle PRO was introduced by ThemeIsle to help build eCommerce store to sell all types of goods. If you are selling crafts, cloths, books or other items with office business mode then you need to switch to online shop. You have to use “WooCommerce” plugin with Thrive Themes template to start selling products from internet. Many people have used this eCommerce WP theme package to sell sell fashion items, eBooks, affiliate items, services and more.

ShopIsle Demo ThemeIsle Review - WooCommerce Theme

We loved the entire design concept of this WordPress shop theme. You will see great speed, elegant design, nice font style, lots of featured sections and best options panel. The flexible gives you ability to make changes in homepage sections and visual customuizer takes no more time to bring all chances. You don’t have to learn coding or hire a web programmer to start web shop. This package gives you everything that is suitable for novince and professional users.

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Why ShopIsle Pro Is Best eCommerce Theme ? :

If you check internet for best free WooCommerce templates then it will show you many options. But, those free or low quality templates can not help you for long time. You need secure and flexible shopping cart system to help you with payment gateway, cart management, check our process and listing task. The WooCommerce gives you all the tools and options that will help promote products, offers and sell products easily.

This premium eCommerce theme also comes with free version but it has limited options for homepage and customization. For now, we will discuss about features provided with PRO version.

10 Frontpage Sections : The first section that catches user’s attention is the home slider. The transparent full-width featured image fills all space for slider including header. This hero slider section can work to show your best items, offers, new arrivals and news posts. The parallax slider style and auto rotating slideshow creates nice content presentation experience.

ShopIsle FrontPage Sections

The home sections are flexible and optional too, so website admin user can manage them anyway with a few clicks. You can enable home sections from customizer to display featured categories, latest posts, product carousel, featured videos, call to action, google map and other details. The type of homepage you can create depends on purpose. ShopIsle Pro provides flexibility to use custom color styles for home sections.

If you start business website with online shop then you need to show introduction, services and store products. If you start stand alone store then you can concentrate to display latest items, popular items, featured categories, and other details. Plugins support is available to use custom shortcodes to display carousel sections, buttons, and other details in page sections.

WooCommerce Support – Top Benefits :

All sections are flexible and optional so you can enable or disable or arrange them in any order. Page layouts will give you option to choose full-width or sidebar layout for each page used within website. If you have basic WordPress skill then you can refer to documentation to learn website setup easily.

Shop Listing Page : User can see all products listing from shop page or from category archive pages. These pages are providing advanced filter and sort options so visitors can find products easily. You can choose budget from price selector and items based on lowest price, popularity and other options. The custom sidebar can show you price filter, product categories, latest products or whatever you add for shop page sidebar.

ShopIsle Shop Page - WooCommerce Theme

Quick View : ShopIsle WordPress Theme has been developed with this feature to speed up product browsing process. It takes time to open each product in full page especially when you want to check many items. But, this quick view functionality saves tremendous time required to check lots of items.

You can hover mouse on product thumbnail from product archive page and it will show you 2 options. The “Add To Cart” will add item to cart and “Quick View” will load separate ajax window. It will load item in another window without leaving current page which saves time. I advise my readers to check this feature in action through demo to get clear idea.

ShopIsle Quick View

Single Product Post Check each product in regular full screen to see how nicely it can display all features. The listing section will provide option to upload photos, product price, features list, and other options. User will see photos, details, reviews and related items list at bottom to keep browsing more items from same category.

Other Benefits – ShopIsle ThemeIsle :

Header Enhanced Cart : The header has another unique option that is called enhanced cart. To explain this feature in simple words, you can place mouse on cart icon on header and see list of items and total. That means, shopper don’t have to go to cart page to view total selected items. Thanks to ThemeIsle for using power of ajax to provide quick access to view products and cart section.

Coming to header part, this floating header navigation bar is always visible to shopper on top area. Your logo, menu items, cart and all header elements will be visible anywhere on website. Just scroll down to see how header follows you to provide all time access to cart and menu links that contains main pages or category links.

ShopIsle Header Cart

Live Customizer : Most people don’t know how to choose best eCommerce WordPress theme. They just look at low price and attractive design while searching for best WP themes. We always suggest checking theme options and page flexiblity as top 2 factors. The live customizer is used to give you access to all theme options. You can change home sections, header, footer, colors, fonts, background, navigation menu and other stuff.

Last Words : The widget space covers footer and sidebar so that visitors can always find some links or useful contents. You can check everything including product pages, shop page, homepage, menu bar, and cart section from small screens. This eCommerce theme is responsive so visitors can browse products from tablet, laptop, smart phones and other devices.

This is one of the top rated SEO friendly and conversion focused eCommerce theme so far.

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