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Zelle PRO is a truly responsive one page parallax WordPress theme by ThemeIsle. This premium WP theme has many features that supports most of the business, agency, marketing and online shop needs. If you check it’s demo then you will be speechless by looking at versatile featured sections displayed on homepage. The theme takes care of customization with simple options and custom layouts.

Zelle PRO Review - One Page WordPress Theme

If you are searching for a best premium one page WordPress theme to create landing page site, or business promotion portal then it’s here. You will have plenty of choices while adding contents and editing styles. Just make sure to have a plan in your mind so that you can see it in reality with this business template.

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Zelle PRO Review – Best Portfolio Theme :

Header : Business and marketing professionals mostly prefer to create website with simple and engaging design. This single page WP theme has best header with a fixed layout so that user can see menu links all the time. Long page websites always need floating header to keep user connected with header or say top navigation system. This theme gives you choice to set header in floating mode while showing logo and best links in menu bar.

The top bar is optional space that appears above the header if enabled. The top space can be used to show contacts, email, or some text to display special message.

Zelle Header

Customization : Anything that requires customization is managed from options panel. The WordPress customizer gives you access to all main theme features with visual panel. You can edit home sections, header, color skin, background image, logo, menu bar and more with customizer. Coding or any othe hard work is eliminated while using simple visual controls provided in options panel. This is suitable for novice users and web programmers who need to create client’s business website.

Zelle PRO Customizer Options

Benefits Of One Page Theme : Zelle PRO WordPress theme was developed after doing research for market needs. Just check business or product listing sites then you will find them following single page layout or landing page type design. This concept allows you to insert many contents in single page while maintaining good content presentation.

This is not a free theme because it gives you many premium features to deliver lots of benefits. The light and fast loading design with ready home sections support is main advantage of using this WordPress theme. We will check all the best home sections and detail about their application for real business needs.

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Sections Detail – Responsive One Page Theme :

Focus Section : The frontpage begins with this section having space to display title, introduction and two buttons. You can customize this top intro area with custom background style, unique welcome message, or attractive intro message. Use two buttons to send user on offer page, product page, contact or other sections.

Ready fields are found for each home section within customizer so you just have to fill them and nothing else. If you don’t want some section then disable it, or change order of featured sections as required.

Zelle PRO Focus Section

Services : Show the entire range of product types, service types or specialty of your agency. This section can work to promote main services using icons, title, and details. Just display as many services as you like and grab leads directly from the homepage. User must know special features of your service or subscription before convincing them to trust you.

Zelle PRO - Business Service Section

Portfolio : ThemeIsle Zelle PRO uses a special post type that lists all projects with detail. You can have project title, custom featured image, photos, and details for each project. Enable home portfolio section so that visitors can view all projects with thumbnail grid. Agencies can use portfolio to show their working abilities and past projects in visual form.

Zelle PRO Portfolio Theme

Subscribe Section : We can’t say that every first time visitors will become our client. So, you can establish a connect with visitors by asking them to subscribe for email newsletter. Show a nice email sign-up form link on homepage showing a message on why people should sign-up for your email. Then you can keep sending email about new updates, offers and benefits to follow current or new clients.

Zelle Home Sections – One Page eCommerce Theme :

Online Store : Who knows if you will need online shop to sell goods, services or course subscriptions. That’s why ThemeIsle has used WooCommerce integration to provide eCommerce feature. This one plugin will add shop page with custom sidebar and cart options. You can start listing products in a separate shop page to sell merchandise, books, photos, cloths, or service packages.

Zelle PRO Price Packages

Other Sections : Just don’t follow fixed home section design when you need something else than what’s predefined by theme developers. You can use custom
Shortcodes Section to display contact form, or shop products or anything. You can display other home content blocks to display team members, happy clients/business partners, google map, contacts, price table, latest blog news and testimonials.

These home sections won’t just promote business services but also try to convince them to try your services. The contact form, and map will create connect between company and clients to expand the scope or further progress.

Zelle PRO Google Map

Final Words : If you check the header section, home sections and demo on mobile device then it won’t break the visibility. The responsive design considers every element to display it in resized mode. Just use tablet, laptop, or any small or big screen to see how this single page WordPress theme works everywhere.

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