ThemeIsle Woga PRO : Yoga Health Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

Woga PRO is a number one premium Yoga WordPress Theme for gym and fitness club from ThemeIsle. Whether you are a yoga teacher, fitness trainer or health coach, you will need this one template for all business needs. The theme gives you nice front-page layout to share personal, professional and other business related details. The homepage and custom page templates will help you share fitness programs, premium membership packages, testimonials and more.

Woga PRO ThemeIsle - Gym Yoga Fitness WordPress Theme

Whether you need a personal fitness blog or a business website for promotion, you will like this theme for all website requirements.

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Woga PRO ThemeIsle Options and Benefits :

Responsive : The mobile and tablet devices have become common for internet browsing. So, any business or promotion related website should be made of responsive layout. This theme gives you ready fitness and health WordPress theme package that offers truly responsive structure. You can test responsive demo by resizing browser size or open it from any small device.

Woga PRO WordPress theme will surely resize images, header menus, videos, and homepage sections. Thanks to search engine optimized and mobile friendly coding and design. It won’t just improve browsing speed but also improve number of organic visitors.

Responsive Gym Yoga Theme

Header and Menus : Let your header do all the job for connection visitors to inner area. This top section will promote your business branding through a custom logo or any business title. You can input a custom title and tag-line for header area or use a logo image as unique branding. The logo will help visitors identify your business with just one symbol or unique title.

Primary menu section will assign all the links to header menu. So, this could be helpful to share all top categories, and page templates links like About us, Contact, Blog, Homepage, Services and more.

Header and Sub Heading - Woga ThemeIsle

Sub-header Settings : This section appears on the top of the homepage, right below main header area. It will show any custom title, descrption and call to action button. This is mostly used to share business introduction or personal details. You can also use HTML text to add image and custom URL with detail box.

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Why Woga PRO as Fitness WordPress Theme ?

Flexible Design : Because of ready to use homepage sections and flexible theme layout, it works for any one. You can just share all your business details like featured pages, client’s testimonials, call to action, fitness schedule, and contacts on homepage. Different people may have different needs, so it helps you to add introduction, personal details, product packages any many other stuff directly on homepage.

Homepage Setup : You will have latest blog posts visible on homepage in default style. But, you have to setup custom “Static Front Page” to create a website like demo. The theme package gives you ready installation file so you can upload it and easily copy same homepage like demo. Then, all you have to do is just replace dummy content with real one.

Homepage Widgets - Woga PRO ThemeIsle

The homepage offers drag and drop widgets so you can setup every section with ready widgets. The widget order is flexible so you can arrange any widget in any position. You can either follow design from demo or make change in it or create totally new homepage. Let’s check out some best widget sections as per demo layout.

Contact Settings : Woga contact widget section includes text fields so you can enter Title, description, phone number, map, email and title for all the fields. The contact block can show a contact form and contact details using nice icons.

Features Section : The features section has total 3 boxes with full-width space, just like entire homepage. You can add title, content and image for each featured page entry. This way, people can find important page details and link to access full pages. Mostly, yoga and gym studios prefer to display price plans page, program list and other main pages into this content block.

Featured and Contact Widget Sections - Woga PRO

Other Home Widgets and Important Features :

BMI Calculator : This widget section comes with a pre-coded BMI calculator so visitors can check their BMI rate. It includes bars to define your current weight and height with calculate buttons to check BMI in metric or imperial. There is optional mode available to use custom background image for BMI section. Hence, people can check their fitness level online and also contact you to get in shape through your premium packages.

Testimonials : Thanks to attractive slider section which shows testimonials from past or existing clients on homepage. This section will show title, content (testimonial message) and client’s image. You can also define number of testimonials that should be featured in slideshow. Hence, you will be promoting your services along with results and proof of satisfaction.

Program Settings : Woga PRO WordPress theme has a “Program SEction” to share current program on the homepage. So, gym members or yoga students can check today’s program directly from website. The program box can show workout name, timings in tabular form. User can click the title of each schedule and check full program page to view program videos or get extra details.

BMI Calculator and Testimonials - Woga PRO Theme

Latest news : If you want to feature latest blog post updates on homepage then here is solution. The widget will let you add custom title and introduction content for blog section. You can add number of blog posts that will be shown on home latest news box. ThemeIsle uses blog entries using featured thumbnails with 3 columns. The featured images will show title and excerpt as text overlays.

Last but not least, easy WordPress theme customizer and ready set of widgets simplify most of the website setup work. You can edit font style, colors, background, heading style, homepage layout and everything. You can improve website by adding Gallery, Blog, About, Contact and other important pages. This is one of the best fitness gum and health WordPress theme with minimalist but stylish layout.

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